Breastfeeding Scarves Canada

There are a variety of different styles of breastfeeding covers on the market. From the breastfeeding scarf style which claims that the wearer can wear it on a regular basis as part of their wardrobe, to the breastfeeding wrap which manufacturers also state has multi-use functionality as car seat or shopping cart covers.  There are also the breastfeeding shawl or breastfeeding wrap style which companies state can be worn in a variety of ways as part of an everyday wardrobe. While these offer women a variety of choices for different products to breastfeed their babies with, all of the previously mentioned styles are missing the innovative functionality of the Fox and Fawn Booby Trapper nursing cover. Fox and Fawn is committed to offering parents top of the line product choices that deliver in style and in function. So that parents can offer their babies the very best, all while maintaining their lifestyle. While the above mentioned fashion covers may offer diverse style, they do not have the vital functional components to optimize the breastfeeding experience.  There is no boning or shape to the covers to hold the fabric off of the baby, forcing mom to use one hand to hold the baby, and the other to hold the fabric off of the baby. The lack of structure in such products increases the difficulty in achieving a proper latch, and reduces airflow and eye contact.

The Booby Trapper, the only breastfeeding cover on the market with a dual rim design - two rims - one at neck level, and one at bust level - to hold and suspend the fabric off of the breast area and the nursing baby.

This unique style provides the best nursing experience possible with a nursing cover.  Mom and baby are able to see each other, and bond through eye contact, and the baby has a happy and pleasant nursing experience because the fabric is not draped in the babies face overheating them and reducing airflow.  With the 100% cotton Booby Trapper design babies have optimal airflow while breastfeeding under the cover due to the breathable fabric and innovative design. The Booby Trapper by Fox and Fawn also provides mothers with an amazing nursing experience.  They have use of both hands to ensure a proper latch, hold their baby, or to multitask and perhaps have a bite of food or a drink while breastfeeding.

The Booby Trapper cover by Fox and Fawn can also be used when women want privacy to pump.  Many women pump for a variety of reasons, including: to stock up so that their babies can continue to receive milk when the mother returns to work or is away, to increase their milk supply, or to stimulate and secure a steady milk supply when the mother is unable to begin breastfeeding soon after birth.  Having a nursing cover with the unique design that the Booby Trapper has, means extra material to easily conceal a double electric pump system, and allows the mother a view of how the pumping session is going because of the view the dual rim system provides. Additionally, because of the ring structure, the pumping mother does not have to hold the fabric off of a pump system, the cover does that on its own, so she can focus on other things - like a few minutes of ‘me time’ reading a book, or doing another activity while pumping at the same time.

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