What makes Haven so different from the other popular one rim covers?


Haven is the only nursing cover that has a patented second rim that extends along the bust line. By having this second rim, it avoids the issue that one rim only covers have where the fabric would flop onto the baby's face. Our exclusive second rim design allows for complete air circulation and unobstructed eye contact between you and your precious baby while nursing and also gives you that free hand to help baby latch instead of fighting with the fabric.


The Haven cover is also 4 inches longer and 2 inches wider than any other cover on the market thereby ensuring your full coverage even when baby gets older and starts moving about.


How Do I Care For Haven Nursing Cover?


We recommend hand washing your Haven in cold water however you can also machine wash in cold on the gentle cycle. It is important to hang to dry and not put it in the dryer as the heat can damage the rims. Do not iron. Do not fold rims sharply - creasing them can cause permanent damage to the product. Never leave a child unattended with the Haven nursing cover.


What Is The Best Way To Fold The Haven Nursing Cover?


Simply place the neck inside the middle rim and curl them into a circle (approx 16+ cm in diameter). Next, flop the circle down flat into the rest of the fabric two or three times. NEVER fold the BT rims in half or crease them in any way, as it could permanently damage the product.

For a simple step–by–step demonstration, please watch our demo video!


Too Much Curl in your Haven Nursing Cover?


Over time, washing, and use, the middle rim of your Booby Trapper might begin to curl more than you’d like. If this curl seems to be interfering with the suspension of your BT, just use your fingers to gently curl the rim the opposite way. This should sufficiently straighten the ends allowing you to maximize the space under your BT!


How long does it take to deliver my order?


This could depend on the delivery destination. Most orders will arrive within 7 business days of the order being placed however some international destinations could be slower.


Can I find Haven covers in stores?


Yes! We are currently sold in over 80 stores across Canada and expanding into the US market as well. You can view our current list of authorized dealers by clicking on the Store Locator on the menu above.



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