Breathable Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding MomWomen use nursing covers for a variety of reasons.  While some women are more than comfortable breastfeeding without a cover, others find that they are more comfortable in public settings with the added privacy a nursing cover affords.  The unique design of the Booby Trapper nursing cover has one rim at neck height, and a second at breast height. This extends the fabric out and away from the bust area ensuring that mom has coverage, but also ensuring that she can see the baby to make eye contact, and has both hands to use to gain a proper latch or hold her little one, rather than having to hold the fabric off of her and the baby with one hand.

Breastfeed your baby with a double rim, breathable nursing cover that offers privacy and style. We have an exclusive collection of breastfeeding covers at affordable prices! Visit our shop to see the wide variety of nursing cover patterns that we currently have in stock. This is the best nursing cover on the market for function and style. What good is one without the other?

Fox and Fawn Baby is a company founded by parents, for parents.  We want to provide parents with unique, innovative products that make parents’ lives easier, enable them to do what is best for their children, but in a way where they don’t have to sacrifice lifestyle to do it. That includes style. Every parent should feel like the products that they need fit their lifestyle, and part of that includes their fashion tastes. Every parent deserves to feel attractive and stylish – even with functional products like nursing covers.  This is the best nursing cover Canada has to offer.

We are a Canadian company, and this product was Designed locally by moms that know. The Booby Trapper nursing cover was designed in 2009 by a Canadian mother after she found that her daughter would not nurse using traditional covers because the fabric fell into her baby girl’s face. Thus, the mother created the unique double rim design that helps to hold fabric out from the bust area so that baby has more room, and is able to make eye contact with mom.  Breastfeeding is a wonderful opportunity for moms and babies to bond, and have a private moment, and this product allows moms to do this publicly, while ensuring privacy, without sacrificing the experience or their babies needs to do it. This product has been the recipient of the Parent Tested Parent Approved award! It is a top recognized consumer award in North America. It doesn’t get much better than an endorsement from your peers!

Our product is often preferred by women who find traditional nursing covers do not have enough fabric to cover them as completely as they would like.  When nursing cover up completely with our full coverage design. The Booby trapper by Fox and Fawn Baby is larger than other nursing covers on the market to ensure your privacy while creating a haven for your baby to feed comfortably.

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