I'm glad to inform you that the Booby Trapper's are one of my favourite products and our customers agree.  They always comment on how nice and trendy the patterns are and how important it is that their baby's can see them. Breastfeeding can be a fantastic experience and for mothers to be able to see their baby and have their baby see them when they look up will only strengthen the bond.

We truly love your product and are glad we found you! From one mother and business women to another keep up the great work!

- Deidre (Store Owner)



The booby trapper is perfect and very stylish-both Ava and I now find it enjoyable and relaxing to nurse in public.

... “ I love how it covers you from one side to the other  and allows for me to watch Ava (gives her a little breathing room as well). ...

Thanks again for the perfect gift. We both really appreciate it!”

- Kara (Customer)



I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your cover ups!!!!!!!! My husband was at Hello Baby on Friday and we were headed to his Xmas party that night and he thought it would be handy to have it then so he bought one for me. They are WONDERFUL and soooooo much better then my other one! I could actually see my son and he could breathe! Thank-you, thank-you! As my son hated nursing under the other one!

-Laura (Customer)



I would just like to say how much I love this cover; I used it on the train on the way home, in a starbucks and at a friends house. I love the freedom it gives me, thank you for making an amazing product!

- Charlotte (Customer)



Thank you as well for such a wonderful product. It has made breastfeeding in public hassle and exposure free!

- Cindy (Customer)



I wish that I had known about your nursing cover with my first.  I used 3 other companies' covers and none of them provided the privacy and the comfort for baby and I that yours does. My son is very happy nursing under the Booby Trapper - and he nurses often!

- Allison (Customer)



I still love my BT!  Just used it in a crowded doctor’s office with my 6.5 month old… it was great!

Thanks again for a fantastic product.

- Kelly (Customer)



I wanted to tell you how much I love my Booby Trapper.  I didn’t ever like the cover that I used with my first baby – but this one is great!  Thank you!

-Cheryl (Customer)



I recently purchased a booby trapper; I was looking for a nursing canopy that was larger and easier to use (to see my 2 month old & for her to see me). The canopy I was using laid flat so I was always having to lift it to see my daughter plus it made it very difficult to get a proper latch since I couldn't see what I was doing.
I LOVE my booby trapper! Thanks for inventing such an awesome canopy!

-Melissa (Customer)



Just received my BT today and I'm loving it. I have tried a few different types of nursing covers and this is by far my favorite. I will definitely recommend the BT to others.

- Stephanie (Customer)



I purchased the Booby Trapper at the Baby Time Show this fall and all I can say is that I love it! I am a mommy of 3 and wished I had this with my first two children. I can now breastfeed comfortably in public without becoming flustered and frustrated. I will definitely recommend the Booby Trapper to other moms! Thank you so much!

- Donna (Customer)



I'm glad to support you! Everyone loves your product!  My gf just had a little one and was using a different nursing canopy the other night and she mentioned that she would rather have one of your boobytrappers (b/c she saw another one I had gifted to a different gf).  She said that her baby gets way too hot under hers and would love the double boning in a canopy that your product offers.  So, I said I would buy her one.

- Erin (Customer)



Thank you so much! We just got to spend three hours having coffee without having to worry about bottles! Baby Pierce was totally comfortable and content to have a good feed, and I didn't have to feel nervous about anyone seeing anything. It's so freeing!

- Jennifer (Customer)



My mom purchased me a Booby Trapper at the Toronto Baby Show. I have to say it has been a life saver.
I was very nervous about breastfeeding in public and in front of friends and family in the beginning and being a first time mom it was hard to position the baby and figure out what I was doing. The Booby Trapper gave me the freedom to go to the mall and sit on a bench to feed without having to worry about exposing myself and I could see my son nursing the whole time.
I am much more confident with nursing my 9 month old son and I hope to continue until I go back to work!
The Booby Trapper is packed in my diaper bag and we never leave home without it.
Thanks you for your amazing product.

- Mary (Customer)



"This is "THE" perfect cover nursing! I just purchased a Booby Trapper at Parents and Kids Fair in Montreal and I just love it!!!

- Mélanie (Customer)



I got a nursing cover from a retail store and I hated it. It is a big name brand so I won't name the manufacturer :) had I known yours existed before I would have gone with yours for sure!

- Taylor (Customer)



My name is Jessica and I saw you at a baby show in Calgary before I had my baby. I tried one other cover before deciding I had to have a Booby Trapper. I have been breastfeeding for the last 6 months, and I couldn’t have done it so easily with out my booby trapper. I love it and talk it up to all moms I know! My cousin's girl friend tried another cover as well, but after seeing how easy it was for me, she purchased her own BT. My sister-in-law is about to have her first baby and has already ordered hers. I recently visited Quebec where a friend of mine tried my trapper, she thought it was ok, but when we went for lunch and she saw how easy it was for me to feed my daughter and stop her fussing she was sold.



- Jessica (Customer)



My name is Carmen Volk and I am a Childbirth Educator and a Postpartum Doula in Calgary, and I understand that one of my clients contacted you and recently bought your product. I love your product and promote it every chance I get. I teach around 24 couples every six weeks and whenever I teach breastfeeding I talk about the Booby Trapper. I stumbled on it from a postpartum client and was so pleased. It is much better than the other products on the market and women are more comfortable using it. I wanted to tell you I think your Booby Trapper is brilliant and I will continue to talk about it as often as I can.

- Carmen (Doula)



I received the Booby Trapper I ordered and have already had the chance to use while out and about town.  It works great!  My little one does not like to be under a blanket.
 I heard about Booby Trappers from my cousin - she was given one as a gift.  We were at a social event and I was struggling trying to feed my squirmy and crying baby in a crowded and hot hall; she brought her Booby Trapper over for me to try and I was hooked!  My baby settled down when she wasn't covered and could see me and I felt like I was securely covered and not about the flash a hundred people.
 Thanks.  Great invention!

- Pam (customer)



I really want to share my story of how you changed my life...
When I had my first, I was given two nursing covers as gifts. Both were small with no rim. One pretty much looked like a giant baby bib. I pretty much gave up on feeding my daughter in public because I couldn't see what I was doing, I felt like she was suffocating under the cover, and it was always an epic struggle in which I am sure I drew more attention to myself. So I gave up. I would hide out in bedrooms or bathroom stalls to feed her. It wasn't fun, but I felt there was no better option.
When I had my second, I was again given 2 nursing covers as gifts. I was excited because one had a rim! But then I was really disappointed when I finally got to use it because even with the single rim, the fabric still fell on my sons face! And the cover was really small. I just figured I would continue to hide out when I fed my second as I had done with my first, not realizing it's a completely different experience with baby number 2.
It was when I went to my daughters last soccer game with a new baby that I realized I could not continue to hide out while feeding baby number 2. My son was hungry, and I hadn't expressed a bottle before we left the house. He was really upset and I knew there was no way he would make it until the end of the game. So I left my husband to watch the game while I went to feed the baby. Unfortunately since it was the last game I missed out on the awards being handed out. My daughter came back to see that I had left and I had missed it all. She was disappointed and so was I!
That was the moment I decided I could not feed this baby in bathrooms anymore.
I started researching nursing covers, and that is when I discovered the Booby Trapper. Aside from the awesome name, I liked the idea of it being bigger, and the double rim was so unique. After trying out 5 different kinds of nursing covers, this was by far the best one out there.
I could (and did) feed my son while watching my daughter at the park, on rides at an amusement park, at the splash pad, walking through the mall.
There were so many times where I was able to be available to my daughter where I wouldn't have been if I didn't have the booby trapper.
I don't have to hide in bathrooms anymore!
I have told all my mommy friends about this product. I was asked once while shopping to give an opinion on a nursing cover and I pulled it out of my diaper bag to show it off in the baby aisle. It is totally a waste of money to buy any other nursing cover. They are expensive, and they don't do anything you couldn't do with a receiving blanket.
I know this message is really long, but I just want to thank you so much for making this product. It is the one piece of baby gear I couldn't have lived without.

- Diana (Customer)

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