Blooming Burst Burgundy by Booby Trapper

$19.99 $49.99

Be the put-together mom. Your nursing cover solution!

With a traditional nursing cover the fabric flops onto the baby’s face. Mom has to hold out the fabric with her free hand just to see baby and get some air circulation.

Let that baby breathe!  

Our patented nursing cover has a dual-rim that creates a little “baby tent” keeping the fabric off the bust, away from baby’s face and allowing mom to easily see.

Best for baby. Best for mom.



  • The only double-rim nursing cover for a truly visible, happy baby
  • Generous size to ensure the modesty of mothers when using a breastfeeding cover
  • Folds up compactly to fit in any purse or diaper bag
  • Creates a distraction-free space for public napping under the breastfeeding cover
  • Excellent shade cover for stroller or front-carrier



      • One Size
      • 100% Cotton Blend
      • Hand Wash Preferable
      • Hang to Dry
      • Keep rims away from heat source (dryer, iron)

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