My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow - Evening Grey


The My Brest Friend Deluxe Baby Nursing Pillow was developed in a laboratory of new moms, babies, and breastfeeding experts who set out to create a baby nursing pillow whose sole purpose was to answer all the needs of breastfeeding moms and babies. 
The deluxe baby nursing pillow is loaded with features moms love. Deluxe Baby Nursing Pillow Features:

The wrap around nursing pillow design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch.
The pillow's back rest helps you maintain good posture during nursing and prevents sore back and neck.
The top of the pillow is a firm, flat cushion that keeps baby from rolling when nursing.

The design features an adjustable, silent-release strap that fits moms or dads comfortably and unlatches without waking baby.
The  arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress.
Has a convenient pocket to keep water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and other nursing accessories or items within reach.
The Deluxe Pillow has all the benefits of the My Brest Friend Original Pillow, plus: Extra soft baby-plush fabric, a double-featured strap with Velcro and silent-release buckle for easy, one-hand use, as well as a slipcover that stays fresh through dozens of washes.

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