In 2009 Nancy had just given birth to her first child, a beautiful daughter.

Like many new moms, Nancy was excited to get out into the world with her new child, so she purchased a nursing cover to enjoy modesty while feeding her daughter in public. While the cover worked to provide modesty, what she soon found out was that it came with its own set of challenges.

Her daughter hated the fabric flop onto her face while she was feeding, forcing Nancy to hold out the fabric with her free hand so she could see if the baby was latching properly and allow the air to circulate. Instead of feeling freedom, Nancy was feeling frustrated.

Thinking there had to be a better way, Nancy started solving the problem herself. What if she could create a little “baby tent” to keep the fabric from flopping on her daughter. Through iteration and testing Nancy developed the revolutionary dual-rim design. The design allows for modesty in public, holds the fabric off the baby, and allows Nancy to use both of her hands to see her daughter and achieve a proper latch.

Nancy’s daughter was so happy that there was no fabric touching their face, she could see her mom, and the air under the cover was cooler and more comfortable. Nancy was happier and so was her daughter.  

The cover worked so well that soon Nancy was making them for other moms! 

Now moms around the world enjoy: 

  • The freedom to nurse anywhere you want, with all the privacy you need.
  • Our patented dual rim design creates a little baby tent, allowing you to easily see your baby, get a good latch, and have a second hand free to sip a drink or use your phone.
  • Looking like a put together mom, with a cover that represents your style!

On top of that, the Haven nursing cover is made in Canada, so you get to support local business.

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