Breastfeeding Cover Canada

Baby viewMany women make a decision early on in either pregnancy, or postpartum if they plan to breastfeed their baby, and if so, if they will invest in a baby breastfeeding cover, or nursing clothing, or both.  Most women, while breastfeeding cover up, in one way or another; whether it is with a breastfeeding cover, discreet nursing attire that allows the baby to access and latch the breast without exposing their entire mid-drift and chest area, or some simply choose to find a private location.  Having a baby is expensive - according to the annual cost of a child is $12,825 per year. Babies require certain things: cribs, clothing, diapers, etc. Quora states that most first time moms spend an average of $400 on nursing clothes, and so it makes sense that after moms have spent money to purchase a maternity clothes wardrobe, and nursing bras, that they may wish to curtail necessary expenses where they can, and decide to purchase a nursing cover once, instead of investing in a full nursing clothing wardrobe.  

In discussions with past customers, the main reasons that many of them had given up on baby feeding covers, was the inconvenient design of the products.  These poor designs caused the material to fall over the bust area, covering the baby so that the mother was forced to use one had to hold the fabric off of their baby.  This creates a less than ideal situation for the mother and the baby. Mom doesn’t have the use of both hands to achieve a proper latch, hold her baby, or do other things simultaneously.  The baby, if covered with fabric is less likely to have a good nursing experience since most do not like to be draped in fabric. The baby wants to make eye contact with their mother as part of the bonding experience, and can get rather sweaty if stuck under hot fabric.  The Booby Trapper nursing cover design, with dual rims at neck and chest height, hold the fabric off and away from baby, so there is eye contact during feeding, and the baby is happy and content in the 100% cotton, breathable fabric that allows for good airflow. This is also the optimal experience for mom.  She can see what her child is doing, if they have fallen asleep, if they are latched properly, and has use of both hands to assist her with holding her child and re-assembling her clothing after the end of the breastfeeding session. The Booby Trapper nursing cover was designed in 2009, and is a proven product from many breastfeeding cover Canada retailers.

The Booby Trapper by Fox and Fawn is the recipient of the Parent Tested Parent Approved award, a well known North American seal of approval.  The PTPA lets other parents know that the product has been vetted by other parents, and that they have had a positive experience using with that brand or product.   We are so proud of this achievement as our company’s mission is to provide parents like ourselves with superior products that are innovative and stylish so that parents can do their best for their children without having to sacrifice their personal needs or lifestyle to do it.  

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