Nursing Scarf Canada

BT on benchThe Booby Trapper from Fox and Fawn Baby gives moms the privacy they are looking for when breastfeeding in public.  Many situations require more privacy than when in the comfort of your own home; Whether you are out with friends, traveling in airports, on your morning commute or anywhere you’d like a bit of privacy - the Booby Trapper has you covered.   The simple design allows you to bring a bit of privacy with you in a simple to fold, compact package. Your baby often needs to nurse, and it usually can’t wait until you find a more comfortable or private location. Many women also find that a nursing scarf will reduce distractions from the outside environment.  Babies are so curious! And sometimes such curiosity means that the most subtle environmental actions, or noises, distract them from latching or eating during breastfeeding. The Booby Trapper by Fox and Fawn can also function as a cover for a stroller or car seat, and so It creates a distraction-free space for public napping. Babies sleep more hours a day then they are awake, and many parents feel that a strict nap schedule promotes better sleep habit development.   Being able to go out, have your child stay on the same sleep schedule while napping while you are out,  and not have to schedule errands or outings around nap time is a big benefit for many moms. Furthermore, many moms find that one of the best ways to soothe a baby to sleep is by breastfeeding them until they fall asleep.  Therefore our nursing cover, that can also extend to a cover for naptime offers perfect synergy - After you nurse, let your baby sleep in comfort, without distraction, with the same cover.  

The Booby Trapper by Fox and Fawn Baby is larger than other nursing covers on the market, to ensure your privacy while creating a refuge for you and your baby to bond during breastfeeding.  Our patented design allows for the best eye contact with your baby as they nurse, and keeps the fabric off their face so they can breathe.  Your baby will nurse better when they are happy and able to see mom and breath comfortably. Once you’ve tried a cover that offers only a pretty pattern, try the best that truly offers functionality and style.   The Booby Trapper by Fox and Fawn Baby is the best nursing scarf Canada has to offer, designed by moms that know. This nursing cover scarf provides peace of mind with our full coverage design. When modesty is important we’ve got you covered.  

Our covers are often preferred by women who find a traditional nursing scarf does not have enough fabric to cover them as completely as they would like or does not have enough fabric to keep off the babies face and provide coverage.  Many other covers don’t have a system to suspend the fabric off the babies face, and this is the only double rim system on the market. Breastfeed your baby with a double rim, breathable nursing blanket that offers privacy and style. This is the best nursing shawl on the market for function, privacy, and style.

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